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And this is Voodoo Stats Processor. Originally created by myrddin back on March 1st, 2004. Krillin has been working with myrddin since June or July of 2004 and he is the creator of the HL Media content for VSP released in November of 2004. Since Myrddin has been unreachable since August of 2008 leaving VSP abandoned. Krillin decided to step in to keep VSP up-to-date. These versions of VSP are NOT A FORK, it is as true to the original functionality. Krillin has kept V.S.P. up-to-date making Krillin the author of VSP since July 1st, 2011 when he published version VSP-CORE_v0.46.

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01 July 2011

On July 1st, 2011, a core version 0.46 was released to patch up known SQL injection exploits and fixs to a few other problematic issues with new releases of PHP & MySQL. Krillin wanted to share the fix, so it was then and there he decided to share it with the world and dedicated himself to keep VSP up-to-date for a long as humanly possible.

Back Story

Since July 1st, 2011 there have been a handful of updates for V.S.P. and they include v0.46, v0.47, v0.475, v0.478, v0.48 and v0.49. And Krillin is happy to announe the next future release of VSP v0.50. (see some changes below)

02 March 2021

I am here to announce V.S.P. v0.50 is READY! We are currently awating feed back on the current build with PHP 7.4.16. It was tested and developed with 7.4.16. Before moving to PHP 8 I want to ensure ALL issues have been addressed as it is avaiable to the general public now.

Where To Download

You can navigate your way to the V.S.P. Download section of our forums. No registration is required to download the newly released version. Registration is only required if you have a problem and need assistance or have some input in order to post. Please do not post links directly to the download. You need to post a link to our VSP Download Section.

VSP v0.50 Requirements:

– Web Server like Apache or IIS
– Version 7.0 - 7.4.x ONLY
– MariaDB Version 10.5.8 OR MySQL Version 8.0.23

– Read the _Docs/ReadME.html and fully understand the instructions before proceeding and getting help.