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V. S. P. (Voodoo Stats Processor)

This is the new website for VSP, Voodoo Stats Processor. Originally created by myrddin back in March of 2004. I am Krillin, I have been working with myrddin since June or July of 2004 and I am the creator of the HL content for VSP. Myrddin has been unreachable since August of 2008 so I took it upon myself to keeping this module moving forward into the future since 2011 in honor of myrddin.

In July of 2011, I released the core version 0.46 to patch up some SQL exploits and fix a few other problematic issues with new releases of PHP and it has been posted here since.

Today on January 15, 2014 I am happy to announce the newest release the VSP-CORE_v0.47. The code has been updated to work with the newer and future usage of PHP 5.5.8 at the time of this writing along with the new Apache 2.4.7 release. You can find your way to the VSP Download section of the forums. No registration is required to get the new version only if you require assistance with a problem you have encountered.. We only post the download in our forum to track the number of downloads, mainly.

VSP Requirements:

  • VSP Core PHP Version 5.5.x and above
  • MySQL Version 5.0 and above
  • Web Server like Apache or IIS
  • Read the ReadME.txt and fully understand the instructions before proceeding.

However, I am having a problem gathering the Media Content Files for the MODs in which this parses. If you do have them, I will be more than happy to post them in the forums for others to use, please send them to us in unedited form of course! I will give credit where credit is due. Myrddin takes all the created credit for this wonderful module. I / we are just maintaining the code to keep it current for those who would like to continue to use it with updated engines and storage facilities as we do!

If you have any problems, please post them in the VSP Help Section of the forums, respectfully.

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