Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta Client Install

Started by Krillin, June 05, 2009, 07:15:41 PM

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For those of you interested in Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta. Here is what you do.

Launch steam and just log in, you will need it to install this new mod.

Once steam is running, open your web browser and enter in the address bar:

Or or click the following URL
Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta

Info we found most interesting was: "The focus of this beta is on the dedicated server component, in particular the Linux piece." Get more information about this engine, the click here.

Our server will be up and down as we test this nicely built engine server.

Testing on the client side of this product we have discovered when the map changes the client hangs up and freezes. So server will not be running as it appears to run on the server side of this aspect.

Sorry gang!