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K|W gaming community has been around since 1996 privately, 1997 Publicly. K|W features fully dedicated servers for: Quake III, Quake 4, Counter-Strike v1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and others.

K|W servers run on Linux and have since March of 2005. Today we still run on Linux 64BIT on a very nice piece of machinery we might add. Our servers are true servers and 100% fully dedicated. And because we have direct access to the console and see any and all error messages which may not get logged to address them promptly this insures the servers run 100% error free. That translates to running the best servers on the internet to date!

No owner who "rents a server" can honestly make this statement, because they can ask the "salesman" if errors get logged (some do and some do not) the salesman is going to tell you anything you want to hear to make sure they steal your business, including LIES. Direct access to the console IS the only way to ensure they are 100% error free. We CAN make this statement and swear by it!

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Simply the Best

K|W server(s) have been running since 1996 and have set the standards in most areas. As told by our players we never settle for anything less, we only expect "Simply the Best." We've been around long enough to know we raised the bar over the past TWO decades!