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First Person Shooter Rules / Guidelines

F. P. S. is short for First Person Shooter (FPS). These guides are hard to search for and locate for obvious reasons. So we are bringing them back for a simple and easy to find reference.

  • Know what your Primary/Secondary Objectives are.
  • Player joining a map in progress should take aid to the fallen F. P. S. team.
  • A player facing a wall or corner is "out of play."
  • Never put your guard down at the end of any given round or map.
  • Cheating, hacking or running exploits is not ethical or moral.
  • Allow for flexible guidelines of a game play types and the newer modifications.

These are the basic guidelines of a 3D First Person Shooter (FPS). With the multiple new versions of F. P. S. games out there, there will be guidelines with each unique one to further conform to the specific game play, (i.e. Death Match / Team Death Match/ Capture The Flag / War Emulators) and their modifications, if any.

These were always a common courtesy we, veteran F. P. S. players, used to show respect for one another but in recent years has vanished. (i.e. newer generations, ignorance, laziness, etc.) Going as far back to the early 1990's or prior.

We are not trying to start something new here, just bringing back a forgotten practice which is hard to track down, so here we are bringing the forgotten – remembered!

Simply the Best

K|W server(s) have been running since 1996 and have set the standards in most areas. As told by our players we never settle for anything less, we only expect "Simply the Best." We've been around long enough to know we raised the bar over the past TWO decades!