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When we went back online in March, we noticed something quite odd. Users with names that were crappy and unheard off, like inhuman even. We thought, well why is this happening. Then I recall back to when we were hosted out and I recall we had some very good MODs add to our forums to keep the Spam Bots and nasty adult materials off and our of our forums. Well, I think we hit on the MODS when I have finally put an end to the attempts, at last!

So I am gonna inform those who were having the same problems we were having how to stop them. Install the following modifications to your SMF forums (is they are compatible with your version);

--- Code: ---1. EmailValidator V1.0
2. notCaptcha V1.06.2
--- End code ---
#1 Verifies the e-mail address of the registering person, and if it doesn't exists, registration is REJECTED.
#2 Doesn't use the lame TEXT verification, users have to interact with the interface and set the images upright. (CLEVER)

We have a third one on here but it doesn't prevent spammers, it just shows users the strength of their entered password. And being a Network Administrator who requires the strongest password one can make and testing out the meter,  it know and tallies very well. I had to come up with a password that was 15 characters long with alphanumeric and symbolic with mixed CaSe to get 'very strong'.


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