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Please be aware. HLGuard has been down for some time now. Going on a better part of a year near as I can tell. United Admins has HLGuard as DISCONTINUED which doesn't surprise me much at all. All the REAL ANTI-CHEATS have gone by the way side, and the authors fear turning over the project to anyone to resume working on due to the fact the feel they want the code to write cheats and hacks and how to get around the Anti-Cheat measures.

Well, being as the website is gone, I am offering the HLGuard download to use in its original form from the HLGuard Z Project.

I will advise you to edit the hlg_cvar.cfg file though. Why the f**k would anyone want to keep the client's BRIGHTNESS to DEFAULT (50%)? I mean come on, get real you piss ants?! Not everyone can see in dark places of a map or a dark map like cs_assault2k. With this plug-in f**king up players environment settings how the f**k is this a problem! FFS what the hell were you morons thinking in doing this?!

You will require BOTH attachments below. Unzip the main then unzip the 2nd file which is the config update 1.9 and then move the hlguard folder into your addons folder and replace all necessary files.

The line you will need to remove here for you and your clients sake.
Once download and unzip the packages below, browse your way to /addons/hlguard/config/cstrike (or czero) and open the file hlg_cvars.cfg file.
Remove the following line:

--- Code: ---hlg_conncommand "brightness 1;alias brightness"
--- End code ---



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