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General Information / New Mods
May 20, 2011, 11:19:32 PM
When we went back online in March, we noticed something quite odd. Users with names that were crappy and unheard off, like inhuman even. We thought, well why is this happening. Then I recall back to when we were hosted out and I recall we had some very good MODs add to our forums to keep the Spam Bots and nasty adult materials off and our of our forums. Well, I think we hit on the MODS when I have finally put an end to the attempts, at last!

So I am gonna inform those who were having the same problems we were having how to stop them. Install the following modifications to your SMF forums (is they are compatible with your version);
1. EmailValidator V1.0
2. notCaptcha V1.06.2

#1 Verifies the e-mail address of the registering person, and if it doesn't exists, registration is REJECTED.
#2 Doesn't use the lame TEXT verification, users have to interact with the interface and set the images upright. (CLEVER)

We have a third one on here but it doesn't prevent spammers, it just shows users the strength of their entered password. And being a Network Administrator who requires the strongest password one can make and testing out the meter,  it know and tallies very well. I had to come up with a password that was 15 characters long with alphanumeric and symbolic with mixed CaSe to get 'very strong'.
Calendar Events / Re: SuperHero MOD Reset
May 16, 2011, 02:38:42 PM
If you received this in an e-mail. I did not mean to send anyone into a panic. This posting is tied to an event in JUNE on the Calender. This is an event posting tired to a specific day in June.

Sorry for any confusion they may have caused.

Calendar Events / SuperHero MOD Reset
May 14, 2011, 10:09:26 PM
On this day. The Counter-Strike SuperHero MOD will be rest.

So EVERYONE will be back to level 0 when they return on this day or there after. The command no longer works with in the server's console which now has to be done manually. But you can rest assure the server will have to be taken offline in order to complete this silly task.

Any questions? Problems? about the rest, TOUGH SH*T. This is the way have been working with SuperHero MOD since August of 2004.  :-X

Thank you!
General Information / Posting Issues Resolved
April 04, 2011, 12:51:20 AM
It has come to my attention users have been unable to post to the forums due to an unforeseen error with a modification we tried to install on the forums.

We thought we had this issue resolved promptly when we discovered the problem with posting NEW topics. When a user posts a new topic a database error occurred. Several times we have restored 'stock' files, deleted stock forum files but nothing seemed to work!? So we took it a step further. We deleted the database table column which this faulty modification needed. Now we are able to post.

We have successfully fully removed the trouble modifications and all traced. This modification is called 'Reason for Edit', nice modification and it is something we would like to have, but not at this cost. We reported the problem to the author but that is as far as we can go with this without breaking our functionality.

Resume posting as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
General Information / Re: Forms Are Back
March 26, 2011, 03:45:10 PM
Thanks, and welcome back yourself.

It took us all this time to get our e-mail server ironed out. We kept getting listed on a CBL which prevented us from getting e-mail delivered to domains like hotmail and yahoo. Glad we got it straightened out finally. In just in time too.

General Information / Forms Are Back
March 10, 2011, 03:51:18 PM
We've restored our data of message, members and boards from a backup from November of 2009.

Resume usages of the website and forums as normal.

Thank you for your patience and time.


Edit: Upgraded forums from 1.1.13 to 2.0 RC5 for newer features we would like to apply to the forums for security purposes. We hope members, new and old, like the new changes.
Calendar Events / SuperHero MOD Past Due Reset Date
August 22, 2009, 07:59:45 PM
Our last reset date was around March 29th, so our next reset date should have be June 29th, (there abouts). Therefore the next reset date has been posted. I am not going to tell you when it is. You can check it out at our website in three locations.

The Forums, In 'Calendar Events'
Current Events Page
SuperHero MOD Information Page

This came as a surprise to us, it is not like me to forget to post the next reset date. But things have been hectic here with Lil Sticks' presents and keeping me occupied and distracting me from doing what needs to get done. Sorry if I have left you guys in the dark, but know I am doing my best as a ONE MAN team here. As a single person doing everything on my own with distractions and no cooperation tends to make everything stressful. Not to mention the fact having a server just about FULL with NO ADMINS manning the server which makes it even more difficult on me... I am thinking maybe I need to find better admins?

Simply the Best - Server's operators.
=o.o= AKA Krillin

Server Has Been RESET AS OF 3.29.2009
Adminship was restored today. Forgot why it was commented out. Now this rings a bell why.

Now STOP using your accounts at friends houses, you dumb ass!


We do not know what to tell except this: Reclaiming a Hijacked Steam Account

This has been known to be 100% successful. Steam doesn't want copies, they WANT the originals last time I heard and uh no, they do NOT return them to you.

You're account will be suspended until further notice. BTW. When did you give this fool your password for your account? We had a problem over the weekend.

Calendar Events / Re: Happy B-day Bodom :D
July 13, 2009, 09:43:11 PM
Sorry I have been busy. But happy belated b-day. Mine is not too far off either.

I will say off the sidewalks now that you are driving.


For those of you interested in Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta. Here is what you do.

Launch steam and just log in, you will need it to install this new mod.

Once steam is running, open your web browser and enter in the address bar:

Or or click the following URL
Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta

Info we found most interesting was: "The focus of this beta is on the dedicated server component, in particular the Linux piece." Get more information about this engine, the click here.

Our server will be up and down as we test this nicely built engine server.

Testing on the client side of this product we have discovered when the map changes the client hangs up and freezes. So server will not be running as it appears to run on the server side of this aspect.

Sorry gang!
The set time frame has been narrowed down to a 6 hour window.

On May 21st, 2009 between 5:59PM - 11:59PM on this day we will be resetting our SH MOD servers.

Level 20's don't even think about taking up a slot. All will be kicked out above the fore mentioned level in previous post. (Level >11) Level 10 and below will be able to keep their EXP at time of reset in you are in the server at the time we 'pop the plug'.

Kicked With The Following Message, Client Only Sees Partial of this message mind you.
Reason:  Client timed out while answering challenge.
---> Please make sure that you have opened the appropriate ports on any firewall you are connected behind.
---> See http://support.steampowered.com for help with firewall configuration.


How should I set my firewall to work with Steam?
Error Messages

   * Crash: Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library Steam.dll
   * Crash: SteamProcessCall(Login) failed with error 200: Connection Reset, WinSock error 10054 Connection Reset by Peer
   * Crash: SteamStartEngine(0x12e88c) failed with error 201: Cannot perform this operation while offline
   * Error: Steam Servers Busy or Servers are Busy
   * Error: Steam is temporarily unavailable
   * Error: Secure Connection Failed
   * Error: Could not connect to Steam Network
   * Error: Could not connect to Master Game Server to Retrieve Server List


If you are installing Steam for the first time or if there has been a recent Steam update, a firewall may be preventing Steam from connecting to the Steam Network.

Please remember to update your firewall permission settings for Steam with every Steam update and for Steam games every time a game update is released. Steam updates and game updates are announced on the Steam News page.
Troubleshooting Steps


     Before trying anything else, try bypassing your router by connecting your computer directly to your modem.


     If the issue disappears after bypassing your router, please refer to the Using a Router with Steam topic for instructions on configuring your router.

     Note: running your router in DMZ mode is not supported by Steam and may result in connection issues.

     To ensure reliability, make sure you are using a wired connection to the internet. Close the Steam client application and remove all instances of the following executables from your firewall's permissions list:


     Permissions for these executables will need to be re-learned by your firewall.

     Open Steam to allow your firewall to re-learn permissions for the Steam executables. If your firewall does not prompt you to set new permissions, the security settings may be too strict - you will need to change these settings so you will be prompted to set permissions.

     Give the Steam executables permission for all TCP and UDP ports when prompted.

     Restart your computer and load Steam.

     If the issue persists, please see the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity topic for further troubleshooting recommendations

Firewall Provider Resources

If you are using a firewall program listed above and have questions about setting permissions, please take the opportunity to open the program and use its Help feature or review the support site for the software:

   * Microsoft provides support for the Windows XP firewall (included with Windows XP Service Pack 2, enabled by default)
   * Norton provides support for Norton Personal Firewall
   * McAfee provides support for McAfee Personal Firewall and the McAfee Internet Security Suite
   * Zone Labs provides support for ZoneAlarm
   * nVidia - nVidia's Network Access Manager is bundled with some nVidia products. Unfortunately, this product is not compatible with Steam - please see the Nothing appears on the Storefront screen in Steam topic for more information.

If allowing permissions does not seem to affect the connection to Steam, please try disabling your firewall completely before launching Steam to test this issue.

For Norton NIS2009 users, this is what you do in a nut shell.

1. Open your NIS Pannel (the nut shell)
2. Click 'Settings' option in the Computer Frame
3. Select Internet Settings
4. Scroll Down to Smart Firewall
5. Click Program Control 'Configure'
6. Select and 'Remove' any rules for
7. Click 'Apply' then click 'OK'

To Turn off the Auto Program Detection.
1. Under Smart Firewall Click on the 'Configure' under Advanced Settings
2. Toggle the ON/OFF switch or OFF for 'Auto Program Control
3. Click 'Yes' when dialog box appears to confirm
4. Toggle on Allow Monitoring
5. Click 'Apply' then click 'OK'
6 Once more click 'Apply' then 'OK'
7 Close NIS2009

Allow NIS to re-learn our steam apps manually (you will be surprised how many times you will be asked)
Launch Steam and Log Into Steam.
Launch any HL.game, DOD, CSTRIK, HL, etc., and play
Launch any HL2 game HL2, CSS, etc., and play

Reverse Steps to turn on your Auto Program Control being as your steam apps are learned by NIS2009.

Good Luck,