Error verifying STEAM UserID ticket

Started by Krillin, February 06, 2009, 11:15:40 AM

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I receive the following message: 'Reason:  Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was unable to contact the authentication server).'

First of all, let's clarify something right now. Their statement 'server was unable to contact the authentication server' is TOTALLY false. Though it is true, it is not because the server is incapable, it is because the authentication server is NOT RELIABLE. So how is it the server's fault it can't contact their servers. Things that make you go WTF!?

If the Steam Network is down or too busy you may not be able to connect to a Game Server - to determine whether or not this may be the issue, please check the Steam Status Page - if the last update for that page is more than 20 or 30 minutes behind, there may be a Steam network outage.

If it does appear as though the Steam network is down, you must wait until the problem is resolved. *(there's a f**king surprise)

If you continue to receive this error message, the issue can most likely be resolved by restarting the Steam client.

If restarting Steam does not resolve the issue, please exit Steam and delete the following files from your Steam directory:

    * Steam.dll
    * SteamUI.dll
    * Rename the ClientRegistry.blob

The files should be found at C:\Program Files\Steam\ (the location on your machine will vary if you specified a different installation folder, or if you have moved your Steam installation).

If you continue to see this issue, please contact Steam Support:

Contacting VALVe Billing and Support

Please do not contact us about this issue, this is STEAM's problem, not ours (as THEM F**KS make it appear). The issue is simply they are down and you MUST wait for their lazy dumb-asses to fix the problem if them monkeys can find their way out of a paper bag first!