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Started by Krillin, April 25, 2008, 07:24:09 PM

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These forums exist for the purpose of our server K|W Simply the Best. This is not active for other servers or other wanna be servers. If you have a question or comment post them in the proper forum and ablige by the following guidelines;

When posting please don't post STEAM IDs (STEAM_0:0:12345678) as this is a violation against's policy and will be enforced to avoid getting anyone into any kind of trouble.

* No Flaming
* No Cussing
* No Spaming
* No Posting Hacks
* No Posting Cheats
* No Posting Exploits
* No Linking to website which is NOT YOURS (i.e.,,
* No Linkng to porn websites (Children Play here dumb asses!!!)
- If you do, we will delete and ban your account (email, IP Address, etc.) ASAP.

Users who violate these guidelines / rules will get their accounts deleted and banned! Also note, these forums are monitored regularly, so do not think for a moment you will not be caught!

Admins who sign up, sign up with the name your are known as or you will not get any moderator or admin forum privileges.