Widescreen 16:10 Menus Offset Fixed

Started by Krillin, July 02, 2021, 08:59:01 AM

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This WAS posted at steam community SEVERAL times, and several times it has been taken down. Due to file corruption from my hosting company. I am looking for a new one at this point!

Being as the Engineers / Developers are no longer doing anything to CS 1.6 or CZ these days. We had to come up with a solution for our Screen Interface for our games with a 16:10 RATIO. I am happy to say we did, and did so successfully.

Attached to this post below, fix_widescreen_alignments.zip, are all the files needed to fix the offsets MOTD + Menus for players with Widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio monitors.

If by some chance these files don't work for you, just delete them and they will go back to square one. (Use with caution with the new HD update in March of 2013, deleting these files can leave your interface blank.)

Place the contents of the /resource folder contained in the .zip file attachment into your "../../counter-strike/cstrike" or "../../condition-zero/czero" installation folder(s). Overwrite the existing files when needed, or make a backup copy of the originals.

You use these files at your own risk. But we assure you there isn't any risk at all. These files are modified from the counter-strike.gcf files delivered to you from steam. Only modified the specific Numeric Values to place the required items on our screens properly. Nothing is inserted into these files or contain anything extra.

Hope you enjoy the 2 days of dabbling around and 14 months of bullshit and runaround from STEAM's NON-TECH SUPPORT and LAME-O DBA's who conveniently lost my account between January and April of 2008 when we hadn't heard any progress of our findings! That is because steam conveniently deleted ALL support tickets on my and many others accounts.

Added screenshots of the layout for the Before MOTD/Select Team And After MOTD/Select Team.


Reason for Edit: Fixed the download, made it easier for players to unzip, cut & paste and go. The no hassle method. Added more info and link to steam forums, tested on Condition-Zero and past. Minor grammar and flow corrections. Updated Links seeing as Steampowered.com forum entries were DELETE/REMOVED (first one above). Re-posted in two forums this time around.

Our Apologies for those who are looking for this fix, we did not know the files were missing. This is now been resolved. 7/2/2021