Started by Krillin, November 25, 2013, 12:38:56 AM

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Chances are you came from where the URL for this file is posted. Also where I have been a member since 8/2004 when we were all forced to go to steam for CS 1.6 upgrades after dropping support for CS 1.5. And the topic URL is you came here for a reason. To fix a file hosed up by steam / valve content servers to get players back in your server(s). The file gamemodes_server.txt file. DO NOT USE THE GAMEMODES_SERVER.TXT.EXAMPLE file as it is incorrectly formatted and will only let one player connect to your server and fail to connect other players.

This file is for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the broken gamemodes_server.txt.example file which is hosed up and will not let players connect to the hosted game server. I spent hours pulling my hair out to find the delivered file is defective. So here is one that WORKS! Tested 110% to work, at least for Classic and Competitive modes, demo and arms race modes are not fully tested. But if anyone uses this for these other modes and it works, please let us and everyone else know. Have been told this file works for Arms Mode, which means this will work for Demolition Mode as well. Thanks Guys!

File Updated 12/06/2014 to reflect the update for the newly added gamemode, Deathmatch introduced in late 2014 (two years after this game was released).

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