SuperHero MOD Reset

Started by Krillin, May 14, 2011, 10:09:26 PM

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On this day. The Counter-Strike SuperHero MOD will be rest.

So EVERYONE will be back to level 0 when they return on this day or there after. The command no longer works with in the server's console which now has to be done manually. But you can rest assure the server will have to be taken offline in order to complete this silly task.

Any questions? Problems? about the rest, TOUGH SH*T. This is the way have been working with SuperHero MOD since August of 2004.  :-X

Thank you!


If you received this in an e-mail. I did not mean to send anyone into a panic. This posting is tied to an event in JUNE on the Calender. This is an event posting tired to a specific day in June.

Sorry for any confusion they may have caused.