SuperHero MOD Past Due Reset Date

Started by Krillin, August 22, 2009, 07:59:45 PM

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Our last reset date was around March 29th, so our next reset date should have be June 29th, (there abouts). Therefore the next reset date has been posted. I am not going to tell you when it is. You can check it out at our website in three locations.

The Forums, In 'Calendar Events'
Current Events Page
SuperHero MOD Information Page

This came as a surprise to us, it is not like me to forget to post the next reset date. But things have been hectic here with Lil Sticks' presents and keeping me occupied and distracting me from doing what needs to get done. Sorry if I have left you guys in the dark, but know I am doing my best as a ONE MAN team here. As a single person doing everything on my own with distractions and no cooperation tends to make everything stressful. Not to mention the fact having a server just about FULL with NO ADMINS manning the server which makes it even more difficult on me... I am thinking maybe I need to find better admins?

Simply the Best - Server's operators.
=o.o= AKA Krillin

Server Has Been RESET AS OF 3.29.2009