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~Ban Protest Form~

If you have been banned from our Counter-Strike: Source or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server, you view your ban and file a protest at Source Bans.

If you have been banned from any of our fine servers and you would like to protest your ban, then you came to the
right place. This will not guarantee you WILL get unbanned. This is a chance for you to STATE your case why you
should be allowed back into our Kick-Ass servers.

If any data entered on this form is false, inaccurate or misleading will result in longer delays of getting your ban lifted or
even trashed! Our Server Rules are strictly enforced in our servers. You were given a few chances to read them prior
being banned! Need a reminder or a study session? You can find the Server Rules here to review them.

What happens after you submitted your protest?
If the information provided is useful and 100% correct. The owner / admins will get notified of your protest. They will then
review your submission. After reviewing you will get a reply, which usually means a day or two depending on how busy we are.

Note: Submitting a protest with threats, scolding, shouting or with DEFAULT Values in the fields below, will not get
you unbanned. In fact we will 'trash' your protest right away! If you do not get a response Click Here you may find out why!

After clicking 'Submit Ban Protest' button if successful, you will be redirected to our home page. ~Thank you!~

If you are using this form to spam us, be aware, we have your information and it will be held against you. You are using this unlawfully and abuse will be reported to your ISP.

*= Indicates REQUIRED fields.
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What server gamemod is your ban in? *

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Reason why you should be unbanned:
(Be as descriptive as possible) *

To process your request and to have a confirmation e-mailed to you,
please enter the characters you see in the image in to the box below:

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