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Quake III - Server Side

Here are the options we use in K|W Simply the Best. Not all settings are reveled here. This is just to point you in the right direction.

First thing required is you must set up a shortcut and place it in one of two places.
1 On your Desktop or
2 in the "startup" folder of the account you will use to host your Q3A server.
Within this shortcut, you need to state the following options to get your dedicated quake 3 server started. Your shortcut should look EXACTLY like this:
"X:\QUAKE III ARENA\quake3.exe" +set dedicated 2 +exec yourconfig.cfg X = the hard drive you installed Quake III Arena

Make sure the contents located here on this page are stored in "\Quake III Arena\BASEQ3" called yourconfig.cfg or what ever you name the .cfg file and where ever you installed Quake III Arena.

seta sv_hostname "K|W Simply the Best TDM"
//sets the name of your Quake III server

seta sv_maxclients 8
//sets the limit of maximum allowed clients to play

seta sv_allowdownload 1
//allows clients to download maps/mods from your server

seta sv_maxrate 15000
//sets the maximum allowable data rate

seta sv_fps 100
//networking tweak for frames per second

seta g_motd "Whining is for the WEAK!"
//sets the Message of The Day

seta g_inactivity 300
//limits idle time in seconds to kick a player 0 disables

seta g_quadfactor 4
//sets the multiplier effect on quad

seta g_gametype 3
//sets the game mode 
//0=Free for all
//3=Team death match
//4=Capture the Flag

seta g_dowarmup 1
//toggles warm-up timer

seta g_warmup 15
//sets the clock time for warm-up in seconds

seta g_weaponteamrespawn 10
//sets the time weapons respawn in team play

seta g_forcerespawn 0
//sets the time a player if forced to respawn back in the game
seta g_maxGameClients 250
//sets the maximum allowed clients to connect to the server
seta g_spskill 3
//sets the bots skill level 1=don’t hurt me through 5=nightmare
seta rconpassword "********************"
//sets the REMOTE CONSOLE password (not shown, for security)
seta timelimit 20
//sets the maximum allow playtime per level 0 is endless

seta fraglimit 50
//sets the maximum allow frags in a round 0 is endless

seta cg_drawTimer 1
//toggles the option to draw the timer on the HUD

set d1 "map q3dm6 ; set nextmap vstr d2"
//sets map 1 for cycle variable
set d2 "map q3dm7 ; set nextmap vstr d3"
//sets map 2 for cycle variable
set d3 "map q3dm8 ; set nextmap vstr d4"
//sets map 3 for cycle variable
set d4 "map q3dm12 ; set nextmap vstr d5"
//sets map 4 for cycle variable
set d5 "map q3dm14 ; set nextmap vstr d6"
//sets map 5 for cycle variable
set d6 "map q3dm15 ; set nextmap vstr d1"
//sets map 6 for cycle variable
vstr d1
//sets the map cycle back to beginning
bot_minplayers "2"
//sets the minimum amount of bot players on the server (in team
//play sets min bots for EACH team)

bot_nochat 1
//toggles the bots not to chat 0=off 1=on

sets "Advisement" "BFG & QUAD Disabled"
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

sets "Administrator" "Krillin"
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

sets "Admin. E-Mail" ""
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

sets "CPU" "Intel P3 1GHz 512MB"
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

sets "Mediator" "Suicide"
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

sets "Med. E-Mail" "(private)"
//sets the string variable in the “server info” box

[end file]

Simply the Best

K|W server(s) have been running since 1996 and have set the standards in most areas. As told by our players we never settle for anything less, we only expect "Simply the Best." We've been around long enough to know we raised the bar over the past TWO decades!