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K|W Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

We have been a fan of Counter-Strike since 3/2001. He is such a big gaming enthusiast that he dedicates most of his time and resources to the gaming community. So we have yet another a dedicated game server set up and and running. Currently running SuperHero MOD, Free For All with only ONE rule:

  • Do not join the winning team

Bots will not adhere to any of the rules, therefore players cannot be expected to play by any limitations. But be warned. If we get reports of problems in this server, we will have no problem with setting up this server and getting it regulated.

More to follow...

Simply the Best

K|W server(s) have been running since 1996 and have set the standards in most areas. As told by our players we never settle for anything less, we only expect "Simply the Best." We've been around long enough to know we raised the bar over the past TWO decades!