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Question most players ask us time and time again; How can I make my own custom spray? Well, here is your answer. In this nice easy to follow HOW-TO: step-by-step instruction. If you have a problem with your spray, then you did not follow the instructions to the letter. What this instruction set is NOT going to show is how to make or create the content or image. We assume you have an image you want to use!

NOTE: This document is very condensed and very precise. You use this document at your own risk. Go at this document at your own pace. This document has illustrations to show you what you should be looking at within that time in that particular step. So be advised. If there is something you do not know or understand, go over it as many times as needed as this document was written when the displayed spray was made. Take your time, go slow and be through to achieve success.

Also, the Steam Update in early 2013 moved the content to Counter-Strike to a new location in your Steam installation. Please adjust accordingly as we do not have time to update these pages and images.

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