For the Final steps to get the WAD in the game.

NOTE: If you do not see the file extensions, do no omit the .wad extensions on file names. Most systems are set up to not view system file extensions.

This is done in My Computer / Windows Explorer Tools --> Folder Options --> Select View Tab Control Panel --> Folder Options --> Select View Tab.
Look for the setting to "
Hide Extensions For Known File Types" and UNCHECK this option to omit the .wad in the renaming process.

Open My Computer.
Navigate to the following ..\steam\steamapps\%useraccount%\counter-strike\cstrike
Delete the tempdecal(.wad) file or rename it to tempdecal.old(.wad)
Copy and paste the "ihChronobasic(.wad)" file into the same directory, you will end up with "Copy of ihChronobasic(.wad)"

Now, rename the "Copy of ihChronobasic(.wad)" file to "tempdecal(.wad)"

Right click on the newly renamed file "tempdecal(.wad)" and select properties
This part prevents STEAM from overwriting your CUSTOM SPRAY!
At the bottom you will see Attributes:, CHECK the '□ READ ONLY' checkbox.

Then click Apply, then OK.

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