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 6/6/2011  We are ironing out issues with getting the hosting company up to date with our huge databases. For Psychostats we are unable to get them active here due to lack of a feature we need in PHP called smarty. We are not going to ask them to do this, there isn't any point in doing so do because we know the end result. Today we were finally able to do a dump of our HUGE 5 maybe 6 year stats database which BTW exceeds 980MB of user data. We hope in 24 hours or so to have this database live and active online once again. We are also linking the old files from the web site back into the server. This process is going to take some time to do, but please bare with us as this process happens. Thanks and we hope everyone benefits from our hard work. Frag you Soon!

 5/31/2011  Today we went back to our web hosting company, StartLogic. They served us well in the past and we saw no need to seek out another hosting company. We know the people and the service and the price for what they offer is too good to pass up. We would recommend them to any one looking for a web site to host and the cost is unmatched any anyone out there.

 3/12/2011  Today we attempted to reboot the server. Upon rebooting the server, Debian 5.0.7 would not come back up. So this evening we are updating Debian to 6.0.0. We are currently offline until this update completes. It should not take more than 60 - 90 minutes. The current time is 9:30PM EST. I am sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. We will post back here with any more information, problems or successes. Thank you.

UPDATE: As of 3/13/2011 the server host PC now runs Debian 6.0.0 amx64 (64Bit) version of Debian. Previous version of Debian 5.0.7 (lenny) went 'stale' on us last night. In a pinch we did an emergency network install of this "Universal Operating System" because downloading the DVD ISO was going to take about an hour. The network install ISO is just over 400MB. Download it, burn it and off you go. We took a chance installing the 64bit, but the chance paid off in the end. Thank you.

 3/04/2011  This week the web site is Live once again. My only regret was not doing it sooner and not keeping this page current. Current events were posted on Steam Community Group for KrillinsWorld.


  11/11/2009  Well, today we went through yet another transformation. Early this morning we took our Ubuntu Desktop 9.10 32bit version and went for the Ununtu Desktop 9.10 64bit Version. We should hopefully notice some improvement in performance and hopefully, response time. I want to take Joshua, an old player who used to get pissed off at us when he did not get his own way and did a DoD attack on our servers back in 9/2005, was talking about tweaking the kernel when he sent me an article that was 64bit version related. I though, we have 64bit hardware why not run 64bit operating system and get with the times. So we did. Hopefully this WILL be the last major change to the system for at least 6 months.

 11/04/2009  Ubuntu 9.04 upgrade today. Been getting positive feedback on the Ununtu 9.04. We are a tad fed up with the server crashing with the error something to the fact of "UNABLE TO OPEN CSTRIKE.WAD". This is really getting sickening and it is getting on my last good nerve. Can't figure out why this is. This system is extremely fast with SATA drive, so why is it the server crashes of such petty bull****! Steam/VALVe better fix it up before I scrap support of HL engines and they better fix the **** up very fast because my STEAM IS BOILING OVER NOW!

 10/22/2009  Servers were once again reset for both R&R and FFA. This is a surprise reset, we were not officially due for another month. But with the lack of usage, action was necessary. So the Award System was also overhauled. The number spread was distributed over the 20 levels to make it more gradual.

 10/04/2009  I guess in this digital age, we take others Identities for granted. Meaning people say they are one thing when they are lying and deceiving because they maybe suffering from some disorder. The other night was NO exception. Princess Hunter, or what ever the f**k it is, may have deceived us all or this is a serious misunderstanding. I get a text message on my phone from her/him. This is what is said:
"how old r u and how do you know my son    i would like u to shoot straight with me as I have read his messages. Your name *s not familiar."
My reply of course was "Your son?" ..
Nothing has been said sense, and I feel betrayed right now. It is known Princess has a brother, or does it? I can not confirm this. Right now, I am protecting my ass and the server. As of this moment 10/04/2009 @ 4:10AM I have locked (banned) "Princess Hunter" out of the server until I can verify what the hell is going on here with this "person". I am baffled and puzzled all at the same time. I am also extremely pissed off. And if this "kid" is indeed not who it says it is, there are going to be consequences. This you can count on. I am not taking any action until I can validate this person(s). Yeah, I want solid proof of who is who. We have had run ins with "the brother" before. They appeared to be two separate people but at his point in time we believe this "person" may be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Therefore, the account is locked out of all servers and I feel my trust in *ALL* players has been violated. So all is going to carry on as usual. We are just going to be one admin short and I am scrabbling to fill this void in the server. This is going to be one for the books.

 9/14/2009  Sorry for the interruption. We regret to report that we are currently down for Maintenance on the Operating System. Many players know we want THE BEST for our hosted servers and we are doing just that. Right now we are backing up files and have been for many hours this afternoon and will continue to be down throughout the evening. We will be up and running as soon as we can sort our the new distro of which we are going to install. We will not officially say what the new Linux OS is going to be until we can do the real world tests and satisfactory results. (more to follow) 9/14/2009 @ 15:21 EST

 9/15/2009  FINALLY! As of 8:30 PM EST the server is back up and running on its new host. The Linux Distro we have chosen to work with for hosting our game servers is UBUNTU Desktop 9.0.4 but bare in mind the server is still in 'testing' we are not sure what to expect of this system but there isn't anything which may arise which we cannot handle. If you see anything wrong, please let us know ASAP!

 8/27/2009  SURPRISE RESET TOOK PLACE BETWEEN 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST. Overhauled the entire SH-MOD. Examined every aspect of the SH Config file and reconfigured with better consistency with AP / HP / SPEED / MULTIPLIERS / HP & AP-REGENERATORS etc. also reconfigured the leveling system and lowered the MAX Levels down to 20 from 25... GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

 8/26/2009  Loyal players know there has been slight changes to the server. Admins have noted some loss of the plugin UAIO due to bugs in some functions. Our goal is keep the server running without crashes or bugs and we are once again just about in the home stretch of our comfort zone when it comes to the server's overall functionality. It appears we are in the clear with byway of errors and tracking them down. We are happy we figured out what was going on and thrilled our findings and for the most part are working with the fixes are solving issues.

 8/22/2009  It has been a series of battles since the update push to protocol 48 in April, things steamrolled from there. Still faced with issues even as of this writing. But today we noticed we have forgot to note the next reset date so it has been posted and will post the next reset date accordingly. The targeted date of reset was scheduled a later time to better prepare players for the shock. I am making the announcement this evening in the forums for those members.

 3/08/2009  Well, we added another HDD to the server, using the newly installed drive as the 'host' drive for Mandriva 2009, this appears to have solved a lot of functionality issues as stated on 3/4/2009. With our past experience with SATA drives and Mandriva 2008.0 was not great because the drive would lock up. But with the newer hardware and the Seagate Barracuda SATA-300 it's running better than expected at the moment. Let's hope it stays this way.

 3/04/2009  This morning we unbanned a great handful of players. Our specific bout this time was players who were 'Disrespectful." Depending on the severity of the offence, denoted who got unbanned and who did not. See our Wall Of Shame to see if you are on this list. Players we busted hacking in our servers will NEVER be unbanned at any time.

 2/25/2009  We have discovered in recent weeks that Mandriva 2009.0 is very buggy and for the most part, very troublesome to deal with. We are not exactly sure of the extent of the bugs, but just know it is going to make for a troublesome server host. We are doing a fresh install with some added new hardware. We will be back up and running here within a few hours time.

 2/13/2009  What a night! At 10:30 on 2/12/2008 the server was down until about 4:00 AM this morning. Normally, an upgrade of this nature would take an entire day. But thanks to newer stream-lined software it took just a few short hours. We upgraded our game-server PC in both hardware and Operating System. We are now running Mandriva Linux 2009.0 Free, waiting for the Spring Edition 2009.1 to be released for purchase.

The new hardware for the server is now the following:
ASUS - P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard
Intel Pentium-D 945 Processor 3.4GHz, 4MB L2 Cache, 800FSB, Presler, Dual-Core, 775 Socket
2GB DDR2 PC25400 Corsair Memory running Dual Channel
Onboard Intel Video
Onboard Realtec Network Card
Onboard Audio Card
160GB Western Digital Hard Drive
60GB Western Digital Hard Drive (Backing-up)

 1/24/2009  Always busy and always thinking up ways to make the server better for players to enjoy. Players have been nagging us to add more heroes to the SuperHero Servers. It is just not possible to do with out jeopardizing the integrity of the server. TMPMaster has proven that to us this session.

We removed more than half of the bans from 41 to just 15 players we do not want to see back in ANY server we run. We added UAIO for more features for admins and players. As well as a handful of addons for AMXMOD-X. We are hoping to see more active servers or by the end of February we will be shutting down our servers due to lack of activity once again. But this time, we will move on to a more mature audience of players by going back to our roots, QUAKE (4 specifically).

The lack of maturity in Counter-Strike Players as well as the AMXMOD-X "Embryos" Team, has pushed our patience to the limits and we can no longer tolerate the childish-like behavior. We will not put up with this any longer. Frankly, we are really hoping to close down our HL1 servers indefinately.

 1/09/2009  We reported to the proper people about an issue with amx_ban function back in November of 2007. To date, nothing is being done about this issue. We took matters into our own hands. We came up with a temporary fix and posted our findings. However, in the post we saw a post about another plug-in called 'Advanced Bans'. We went to work. We loved the plug-in. We even made a slight modification to allow ALL players to see the ban list, in your console type 'amx_banlist'. Don't bug Admins about why a player has been banned and why. Look it up for yourself!

 1/01/2009  !! HAPPY NEW YEARS !! New years mean new beginnings.


 12/30/2008  Another year draws to a close. We are going to be busy with friends and bringing in the new year with them. Admin Role Call was assets and we must say, we are more than disappointed with them. They have let us down, so, we had to remove ALL of them! We have noticed lack of usage on our servers so we regret to announce that what is supposed to be our busiest time of year has turned to our deadest time of year. Our fault? We think not. We blame the developers of Counter-Strike for selling out and adding ADS to our games. Counter-Strike: Source is not a stable 'out of the box' server to run, so we OPT-OUT of running this HL2 server being as it is NOT up to OUR standards. With this said, if attendance doesn't turn around here, we will be shutting down our HL1servers indefinitely. We have set a timeline but we will not make it publicly known. We have said this in the past, we know. But this time we mean business. We spend over $60+ bucks a month to keep the server(s) going and we'll be DAMNED if we are going to pay to run EMPTY servers.

I will restate this as I did back in JUNE 2008:
Again, we have noted the huge drop in active players, this means a drop in active Administrators. Which means we WILL be replacing ALL CURRENT ADMINISTRATORS! You have all failed to do your job. Krillin has to work to keep the server going he doesn't have time to play much anymore. He left it up to you Administrators and all you have done was let the server down and its players.

 12/10/2008  We have moved our, formally called basic, regular Counter-Strike server to a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server with bots. If 4 players enter the server and more there shouldn't be any BOTS to play against. This is to help players keep active in the game to give them practice and familiarize themselves with the 'Basics' of the game, the fundamentals some would say.

 11/23/2008  For those of you keep up with what is going here. Here is the newest information. We notes a bit of a problem with the old server build, so we roll out the new SuperHero Server Buld (CORE). Our custom build is We also did not port over the old SuperHero Data, because of several new, but still familiar heroes, being called something new. There are three new heroes which are renames from the old SuperHero MOD. Player are gonna get back to basics with this new server build and functions. We are and you are gonna love it too!

 11/3/2008  Today we did some file maintenance on the server so we were down for a very brief time this morning. What this also means is ALL BANS both server bans and SuperHero Power Bans have been lifted for most. We do not run a server with rules spelled out and don't enforce them. We don't operate that way. We are tired of hearing players say "I didn't know" or "This server has rules" as they are spelled out to EVERYONE with EVERY connection. All you have to do is read them and follow them and you will be fine in Simply The Best servers on the planet! WE SHIT YOU NOT!!

 10/14/2008  Don't ever think we have given up. In fact we have been hard at work with a new SHM (SuperHero MOD) server. Basically the programming on the New SuperHero V1.2.0.9z Server is complete. We are just about ready to roll with the new server for replacement of the old SuperHero MOD 1.18f server currently running. If you want a taste of what the new SuperHero MOD server is going to be like, pop on in and give it a whirl before it is put in to the main-stream. The server is password protected and you need to get the password from the Online Help Forums in order to play in there! Registration is free.

 9/4/2008  We have been busy at it again as some of you have already noticed. We have a 2nd SuperHero Server running. This is the new SuperHero v1.2.0 running with AMXMOD-X v1.8.1 and RealBot v3063 to keep you company and make XP. Everything is pretty much stock at this time with the 10 levels and stock heroes and adding more in a slow pace. We can honestly say we are excited with the new build. Helps bring back the fundamentals of the game by changing the way the Hero Punisher works. This will soon be making its way into the main stream. Perhaps by the next reset we will have yet another new server roll out. We invite you to come at our progress. The Server data is posted on the main Counter-Strike Page.

 7/30/2008  This week we welcome back an old school player from a few years back. You may see him in the server with 'K|W' he is a very loyal player who was an old school admin who was discharged. It has been over two years. This player was one of the few players who have really stuck with us for the most part and at this point was even 12-18 months into SuperHero MOD. Bluechucks seeded a "Clan Tag" which is now refereed to as 'K|W' Fan Tag. K|W was not what 'Blue' came up with, but that was something I as leaning to. Welcome back Bluechucks!

 7/19/2008  We have done some retuning with HL-Guard with our naming conventions. We removed 90% of our naming constraints with regards to Symbol Characters in name. But we do still have our name list. I am tired of all the mixing and maxing and scratching going on with the constant coding and growing of more and more mixing and matching of the endless combination. In the 10's of thousands or more we're sure. Also, we are ongoing with making a modifications to SH_KRILLIN which will make him more distinctive. We are working on Phase 2 of the changes right now and with a little luck it will be finished by nights end EDT. Which gives me just under 6 hours to get the model working for him. So get in there, have a fun. We are streaming very well these days.

Services Backbone by:
   AT&T Logo
AT&T New U-Verse Network

  6/29/2008  Today we have switched server IP address. We are a static IP class, so this will be the final move for the server and no more worries about our services going down or changing to a different IP address.

Game Tracker - Server Status

  6/24/2008  Today we have been down for a good majority. But not without reason. This morning we are making the change over to a new Linux Distribution. Below you have seen we have been toying with Debian 4.0 Linux. But we have been hearing about yet another distribution of this called Ubuntu. Ubuntu comes in a lot of flavors and we are attempting to go with a Linux server product called ubuntu-server-8.04. We are currently installing ubuntu-server-8.04 as we type this. We will be just a while longer before the server data is back on the machine and ready for hosting. Please be patient while we migrate our server Operating System.

 6/12/2008  New project going on. A project we have tried before. We know there are many but to ease your mind this rekindled project has to do with the core at which the server runs on. Give up? Ok, the backbone from what the server(s) run on. Linux or more specifically, Debian Linux. They way we figure it we must have tried this originally on a much older non-compatible system. We are currently making headway on this new product. So it could be in the near future that we will be parting with Mandriva once and for all. Time Will Tell!!

Again, we have noted the huge drop in active players, this means a drop in active Administrators. Which means we ARE and WILL be replacing ALL CURRENT ADMINISTRATORS! You have all failed to do your job. Krillin has to work to keep the server going he doesn't have time to play much anymore. He left it up to you Administrators and all you have done was let him down, let the server down and its players. You have no one to blame but yourself and maybe Prince Vegeta?

  5/18/2008  We've been down for less than a week. We were trying to figure out what to do with the server. So what we did was downgrade AMXMOD-X from 1.8 down to 1.76c so we may bring back heroes broken by V1.8. So we are up and running and adding heroes as requested.

    All bans have been lifted and I do mean all of them. Bans from here on out will be made for ever. I am not lifting bans again and are only going to ban players who constantly break the rules or disrespect server/players/admins/ower(s). Know that this will not be tolerated. (Never has been and never will be)!

    When we brought the server back, we also reset the XP database, so do not expect your levels or expect to get them back. Earn them again you have (above) to earn them before the next reset. Good luck to all players!

  4/07/2008  We are currently testing a new Client / Server Anti-cheat system called sXe Injected. Right now it is being tested on a Regular Counter-Strike server and will soon be implemented on the SupreHero Server. This appears to work like Cheating-Death used to work and we were hardcore fans of C-D. This new anti-cheat will be required by all players who wish to play in our servers. Installing this plugin will require our servers going INSECURE to protect players from being VAC banned, we presume. We are awaiting answers from for answers at this time. You can download the client from sXe Injected and be prepared, be warned, the file is in .RAR.

 3/27/2008  Today we have taken the liberty of revamping our ban list. So 49 bans was cut down to 20 ban and one time ban for a week still. Also, a slight change in the maps in which players can play on. All NON-SuperHero maps have been removed from the rotation. We were fed up with players voting for a non-hero map and bitching and complaining about no having powers and leaving. So only hero-playable maps are allowed to keep players happy and the server active. Enjoy!

 3/11/2008  (SNIPPED) Reason: A water man break in downtown Cleveland, Ohio caused Fiber Optic lines to be severed which caused issues with 100's of Internet Service Providers. This has recently be resolved. Play On Players!

 2/25/2008  This morning we have added 3 new maps to the mix. CS_OFFICE_V2, CS_WINTER_OFFICE and SCOUT_OFFICE. The scout_office map doesn't allow for heroes (it is weapon restricted after all). Honestly I think they all suck. The office maps have a flaw in them with regards to the hostages but the maps are playable none the less.

 2/21/2008  Yeah, it has been a while since we have updated this page. But this is the time where these posts are needed. Today we did a reset of the SuperHero MOD Server. But aside from just doing a reset we also added some old new heroes to the mix. Those old new heroes are; Agent, Bass, NeoReloaded, Psylocke and Specialist. This is going to prove to be one of our best build yet! Good Luck to all Players. BTW, bans still have not and will not be lifted this reset. [UPDATE] Specialist has been removed due to random server freezes although no one really had the hero cause not a player is high enough to even have this hero. Go Figure! [/UPDATE]

  1/1/2008  !! HAPPY NEW YEARS !! New years mean new beginnings. A few weeks ago we removed all player bans again. But this time, we mean ALL meaning no carry over's. You mess up again you will be added to the ban list, it is that simple and it always has been. Today we added two additional heroes to the server, one old one named Vash the Stampede and a new one called Dirty Harry. Both are "degal" weapon type heroes both level 4 with the same multipliers so there isn't any significant differences between the two. Just thought it would be a good change to add a "pistol" type hero to the mix. Dirty Harry was recommended by [G]ator Jr.

 12/27/2007  This may be the last entry for the year 2007. But today we have been hard at work all morning. Today we removed all of our bans. That is right ALL 101 of them! 35 of them were added by HLGuard for players running hacks. We feel these players are VAC banned by now. So right now there are 0 BANNS on our servers. Also, we felt the maps were limited so now there are over 70+ maps for players to play on. Only a selected few WILL NOT have SuperHero MOD running on them like KA_LEGOLAND and DE_AWP just to name a few. We upgraded a few features of AMXX like the MapChooser4 and MiscStats2 for a more competitive environment. I am getting around to fixing (it I have to) the WallyWAD manual. I've been told it has been a very good and straight forward manual for even a younger child to understand.

 12/12/2007  We appear to be having some slight issues with our stats database. It appears the stats are not generating awards. I feel it has something to do with the version of PHP. Our findings are the parser is not probing the data and updating the award information. It uses simple SQL quarries but it just appears to be broken. The stats database has been scrapped to verify a few things. So, we are starting all over again until we get down to the bottom of this. We have put out help tickets in the proper areas. Now we just play the waiting game. Sorry players...

 11/24/2007  Well, Mandriva has done it to us again. As some of you know we were down for an entire 24 hours. And in the heat of anger, Krillin was looking for a new Distro of Linux to run his server on. Some applied updates kept the server from running at all. It would load up but would not go any further. Attempting to try to do a repair install on this new Mandriva 2008.0 would not go. For a brief moment we were running SuSE Linux Professional 9.2 but the system would not update. We found out we had backed up the data, if not we did so then we resumed to reinstall Mandriva 2008.0 brought it up to date and we are back up as of Sunday 11/25/2007 at 1:20PM. We apologize for the inconvenience but rest assured your levels / XP is intact. No data loss was suffered. Good luck!

 11/20/2007  As you can imagine, Krillin can not wait for deadlines. Krillin has a life to deal with and can only get around to doing things close as possible to when he can. So, on this day around 1:00 PM EST the server has been reset and the new server has been rolled out. Good Luck to all Players alike! Get in there and get a jump on late comers!

ADMINS: Role Call was taken today to find out who is active and who is not. Please be advised 2 Admins lost seats which means we need to refill those seats. Take a look at the Admin Page to see who lost their seat. Are you one of them?

 11/10/2007  We have noted a few problems with the Mandriva Linux 2008.0 Operating System upgrade. It appears as if the account migration just did not happen on the upgrade process. So late this afternoon the server will be down for an entire overhaul of the Operating System. This is going to mean the entire drive will be wiped out, reformatted, restructured and recreated. The server will be down for approximately 2-3 hours at the most. All we can say is we will be back up early evening. We have a pretty good grasp on Linux and with a clean install this process will be very smooth and may even take less time then we anticipate. See You Soon!

Start Time: 3:30 PM EST - End Time: 12:00 AM EST  Total Time: 8.5 Hours

Ran into problems with the install which is why it took so long to get the system back up and running. Also wasn't planning on 2-3 hours just to copy over and copy back data totaling 12.3GB of data for a total of 24.6GB moved over the network!

 10/30/2007  Well, we've gone and done it again. As most of you are aware we were down for a greater part of the day today. A handful were aware of an Operating System Upgrade yesterday. Yeah, that is right, we upgraded to the latest (but it is NOT the greatest) version of Mandriva which is Mandriva Linux 2008.0 Powerpack (Official). Due to hackers in the server at the time of downloading, corrupted a 4.28GB downloaded file and took some 4-5 times more to get the file in its entirety. We've been up and running on the new Mandriva Linux 2008.0 Operating System as of around 4:15PM on this 10/30/2007. For all you Trick-Or-Treaters out there, Have A Safe and Happy Halloween from All of us at !

 8/26/2007  Well, it has been decided that deducting XP wasn't enough of a punishment to dish out to players in the event of rule violations and those players who just keep violating the rules. We finally decided to reconfigure superheromod.sma to allow admins with the "m" flag to have access to the AMX_SHBAN & AMX_SHUNBAN. The only draw back to this is admins are NOT allowed to ban another admins power bans. The server operators have the right to unban another admins banning if they feel the player has suffered enough. But be warned players, if your powers get banned and you do not do the time (Play One Entire Map Without Powers) that player will be banned when midnight rolls around, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We are tired of cleaning out the ban file B/C it gets to big sometimes. So do your time or face being banned.

 8/21/2007  In light of some feedback from some players, it was suggested by a majority of the players that we should make a new hero with a shotgun. So it was debated with what this hero should do. Speed Only With the M3: Armor: Health: ESP Rings. The hero was decided to be called ASH. Good Luck and Enjoy!

 8/02/2007  In light of this news update from STEAM we are very disappointed in id Software for to turning to STEAM as their content hosting. Maybe id Software did not want to spend the time or money in development in controlling their content. Not to mention the fact you could buy Quake III for 10 bucks, STEAM WANTS 19.95. We think STEAM doesn't know any other number but 19.95! We have ran id Software servers since 1998 and we never in our right minds would think they would ever be on STEAM (SUCKS) network. Obviously they do now know STEAM like we truly know them! We've been dealing with STEAM since STEAM was BETA. And in our eyes they still are in BETA!

 6/23/2007  Yeah, we know "..server is not responding.." yeah yeah. Don't sweat fellow players. We are in a transitional phase again. Visit our weblog blog for more information. We are currently in the process of dropping Mandriva Linux as our hosted Operating System. And NO, we are not going back to Winblows. We are going from Mandriva Powerpack 2007.0 to a disro of Linux called Fedora Core 7 (current as of this writing). It is a slow go because it is new to us and finding needed components to get the install completed is not as straight forward but we are making some very good progress.

<UPDATE> As of 6:01PM EST the server is now responding. Now get in there and play, or we will shutdown and move on to a new server. </UPDATE>

 6/3/2007  As players mostly know, the server gets reset regularly. Well, this time the server was reset on an irregular bases. Today at 12:47PM SuperHero MOD was reset (or wiped out). We took off some old useless heroes and added some new ones. Forinstance, Trunks, Megahulk, UberGunner, Veronica were enabled in the server without any errors. We did loose a few heroes like Color, Aquaman and a few others. But we still have 59 heroes, no points changed. Good Luck Players\Admins.

 5/13/2007  It has happened yet again today. The map is ready to end, players pick the map they want to play on. The map in this case happens to be soutezknives_winter which is a non-superhero map, then they bitch about the map not having SH and want the map changed. Well, today this rein ends because as of today all non-superhero maps have been removed from the cycle for voting on and I do vow to NEVER put these maps back in rotation in the SH server. They are, fy_iceworld, fy_iceworld2k, fy_iceworld16, fy_iceworld_XXX, fy_rambohulk, scoutzknivez, scoutzknivez2k, scoutzknivez3, scoutzknivez_winter, scoutzelites, he_iceworkd2k6, he_iceworld2k7, as_oilrig, as_oilrig3 and cs_iceworld_KW.

 5/02/2007  As most of you are aware the server was down for 12 hours +/- 2 hours. We attempted to do some package maintenance on the Mandriva Setup when we removed a KEY component which would not re-install. On several attempts to keep installing this package all it kept saying was "Sorry, the selected package could not be installed." (or something to that effect). So attempts were made to corrected the issue but the install process did not go as planned. So we kept at it all afternoon and all evening when we finally got the system back up to where it was needed. But unfortunately it was very late in the evening before the sever was back up and running.

 4/21/2007  Well, we've rushed it being as we have had a lot of time on our hands over the past week. We have yet another new custom map for Simply the Best called cs_iceworld_KW. As the name suggests it is a hostage rescue map with 8 hostages for the CT's to lead to safety. The map took some 12 hours or so to make and almost perfect. We wanted a map with more detentions then the "box" look. Who is to say, maybe our next map will be. There is still a whole lot more to learn with Hammer 3.5. This will be our last map for at least 6 months or more. We are thinking about making a de_scoutzknivez map in the mean time. So enjoy fellow CS Players and Honorable Admins.

 4/15/2006  We've been at it again! Today I released yet another feature to Simply the Best server! The newly transformed map he_iceworld map called he_iceworld2k7. The map is currently on the server hosted as you read this posting. The map is waiting for players to play at the moment. Do not forget to read the map info screen. It gives you a few clues as to what you can find in the map. It is just a matter of if you can find them. Good luck!

  4/1/2007  This morning we reset SuperHero MOD as scheduled. Any player who begs or worst even demands their XP back, I will personally ban your butt from the server, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! But no one reads this, so why am I even bothering typing this crap here for anyways!

  3/14/2007  Early this morning I spent quite a bit of time getting live feedback from live players in the server. All of them had something to say about an admin by the name of K|W Steve. All these players have been telling me about how they have been abused by this admin. For instance, deducting a players XP just for killing him! I have been told by their friends who know how we operate our server they will NEVER come back as long as this abusive admin is still in place. Well, as of 3/14/2007 K|W STEVE is NO LONGER AN ADMIN and is NO LONGER welcome in the server. We do not act like this nor do we condone such actions from any Admin / Server Op.

ATTENTION ANY PLAYER WHO HAS BEEN ABUSED BY K|W STEVE: If you were victimized by this admin. If you supply us with Time w/ time zone (3:44PM PST) and the date of which you were victimized by this bastard of an admin. Please write to Krillin with the info. Use the e-mail link provided above. Once verified we will give these players 5000 XP or 2 Levels for their inconvenience! DEADLINE IS: 3/25/2007 Midnight EST

 3/04/2007  Today we are planning on upgrading our server operating system. We are going from Mandriva Linux 2006.0 Powerpack to the Current Version of Mandriva Linux 2007.0 Powerpack. The upgrade process should take no longer than 30-60 minutes. Most of you will not even notice anything, only the players in other countries who play in our server in the wee-hours of the morning who will end up getting kicked out of the server during the shutdown process of the server. We will post the time process once we get underway.

START TIME: 03/04/2007 5:28 AM  |  FINISH TIME: PENDING / 145 UPDATES @ 489 MB! 7:31 AM

 2/26/2007  As you may have noticed the message in the server "** Attention Players *** March 31st, 2007 WE SHUTDOWN PERMANENTLY" it is not a rumor or a joke. We are disgusted with the immaturity of Counter-Strike Players. On the weekend of 2/16/2007 we have never had so many ignorant players or bans in the server since the new year! And what really disgusted me was the Admins we put in trust to monitor and Administer the server were no where to be found that weekend. So It has been decided that Counter-Strike be shutdown for good and we go over to where the players are more mature and follow an unspecified conduct which we do not have to spell out to players for them to just ignore. That game is called Quake (Quake 4 Currently). These players follow a common guide for F.P.S. (First Person Shooter) games and they respect this unforeseen guide. Krillin is fed up being made out to be a bad guy when he is the coolest guy you could ever meet. The wall of shame is so out of date Krillin doesn't have time to look all them up and get it up to date as the list is over double the current list. So this is our final go with Counter-Strike! All players were warned about the rules and refuse to follow them so we have no other choice but to shut the server down for good. THIS IS FINAL AND THERE ISN'T ANYTHING ANYONE CAN DO TO CHANGE OUR DECISION! NOT EVEN GOD CAN HELP! (Not that we believe in such fiction).

  1/01/2007  !! HAPPY NEW YEARS !! As promised expected today we have RESET the server as scheduled for those of you who do not pay attention. Today we reconfigured SuperHero MOD and extended to a 30 level Award Leveling System. With the expansion of level have reconfigured the SuperHero MOD. We have had a few nuubs who were in the server whining about their XP points and demanding them back. It is not going to happen. That is not what a reset is for. We stick to our plans and we play by them.


 12/23/2006  On January 1st is going to be the biggest day here for our SH Server. Krillin says it is going to be Best Server Roll Out in its 6 year history. Say there are some major expansions getting ready to be implemented in just a short week. STAY TUNED!

With a little luck and hope we've managed to add an additional 8 heroes to the server this weekend and they all look good. The following heroes were added from 12/23-24/2006. SH_BlueBlood, SH_Color, SH_DarkBeast, SH_Korin, SH_Marine, SH_Marine, SH_RedBlood, SH_StealthPredator, SH_SWAT and attempted SH_Neo but failed to complile, Giving the server no 60 heroes running to date. Added content is approximately 7.5MB - 8 MB tops.

 12/02/2006  We have been in an on going situation with our web-hosting company about problems with some of the features and functionality (or lack thereof) in their software. We were told our prior account 'Unlimited Web' account wasn't able to process what was needed due to 'Limits' in our selected 'program'. So fine, we were told a 'Unlimited Developers UNIX' package would be more suitable to our needs. So we do so, and since then we have had problems with FTP, web site accessing and our most favorite "FRONTPAGE EXTENSIONS" which allows us to edit this site won't work. This had been on going the entire month and I have gotten no where with these people. LAST UPDATED 12/24/2006 14:00

 11/27/2006  We have decided to up and move to a better more resourceful web hosting company where they do tend to keep their subscribers satisfied and respond to problems with Live Chat function to get your issues resolved or escalate them as required. One positive thing I love about this is the aren't any limits on damn near anything, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email & Storage UNBELIEVABLE! So those IDS we see leeching for files for fast downloads to play on another server, your are lucky as we will not be banning you. (YEAH WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

 11/24/2006  With a little reminder from an old admin, Slipknot AKA Static-X, we had forgotten about how simple running a server really was. Not to mention how fun it can be to administer when taken the right approach and use a little finesse. Krillin will admit he has gotten a little temperamental lately due to stress, he does apologise. The server had what seemed like a lot of rules, some redundant and a few contradicting themselves. So tonight we sat down and revamped the rules. We went from 28 rules to a simple 10! You can not get anymore simpler than that and so easy a 3 year old can understand them.

 11/12/2006  The past few days have been a learning one. We moved on the notion to outsource to a company called, a very affordable Web Hosting Company. We have reconfigured the SuperHero MOD 15 level Award Leveling System to be more quicker than prior. We are still working on getting the website transferred so there will be a few missing links to correct. We will get to them in good time.

 10/29/2006  Well, we've been at it again it seems. It appears to us that our Mandriva Linux 2006 Powerpack has been very unstable. So we took the liberty of upgrading our system to the newest version of Mandriva Linux which is 2007. We have every intent on purchasing the PowerPack version of the operating system in due time ( in less than 1-2 weeks tops). We hope this cures our issues with getting the server UPDATED as suggested by the HLDS newsletter / e-mail we have subscribed to and posted on with our issue.... Attempt FAILED to COMPLY with needs. May need to purchase the system for full features needed for server development and overall functionality.

Updated Mandrivia Linux 2007 Free 10/29/2006

10/08/2006 As a precaution, we took Krillin's World player records and reset the database from the date the server went online. So on 10/8/2006 the stats records have been rebuilt from this day.

10/06/2006 It has been agreed and argued that the Super-Hero server needs a complete overhaul. That means, everything is going to go! With this gives you, the players, the opportunity to help develop "SuperHero @ House Of Pain K|W", players once again can give feedback and request what heroes, maps or even plug-ins get be a part of the server. That is right! All you have to do is e-mail me your recommendations.

Why the sudden change? Well, in two years we have collected a lot of files on our Super-Hero Server. Which means we get to start all the way at the beginning again, all the way back to square one. Stripping the server down to basics with the exception of the in house custom heroes (Kitty, Krillin, Castor Troy and Tiger) and some ones that the server just can not do without like batgirl, morpheus, megaman and bass. All we can say at this time is to expect this to take effect by the END OF THIS MONTH the latest. If you have some input, you are welcome to e-mail me your feedback.

UPDATE: Server has come together with a few kinks and a fires to put out. The server is on display for today for testing October 08, 2006. Krillin will be putting together a stats page of info after he crunches the numbers for the new 15 level Award System.
The server IP is:

7/20/2006 Today we attempted to update some software bundles when they backfired! Down time may be minimal this time around. We hope we do not have to do a reinstall of Mandriva 2006 Official PowerPack again. 8-) 7/25/2006 We did a reinstall of the system. Again and updated 207 Packages then upgraded two core packages for Mandriva Linux 2006 KDE 3.5 and Mozilla Firefox We have been running smooth for a good two days after toying with a new Mandriva Linux Package since 7.14.2006.


Server PC Is Undergoing Major Upgrade

Dear Admins and Players,

    It's has been a while since Mandrakelinux changed over to Mandriva Linux (in 4/2005, shortly after we purchased Mandrakelinux 10.1 Official PowerPack). We are currently undergoing the transformation from Mandrakelinux 10.1 to the more current version, Mandriva Linux 2006 PowerPack.

    Krillin, what is taking so long, the server has been down since 7/14/2006 at 12:30 am, what is going on you told us Mandrake/Mandriva was "So easy and quick" Krillin?
We are sorry for the delays. We did purchase Mandriva Linux 2006 PowerPack downloadable CD images on July 13th, 2006 just before noon. But were unable to complete downloading all 7 files at around 696MB each until 3-3:30AM. Then backing up the server data took an additional 10 hours. Did not really know until 4AM on July 14 that the routers' cache were "caked up" and a power-down was required. It is now July 14th, 2006 at 6PM and we have run in to another problem. Bad CD burns prompted a bad install or we are hoping a fixable one. We are hoping to get the server back up and running sometime tonight ?? July 14th, 2006. We had to do a fresh clean successful install with the corrected CD's  successfully and completed 140 updated packages and then copy the 13.5 GB of server data back through the network (restore) and re-run updates (140)...
Est. time to complete  1D 23H 18M 0S.

6/14/2006 Yeah. For two months we have watched the server transform into a ghost town. We spent too much time coding for the server over the past few months learning everything required to complete the tasks set forth to make it easier for players to level up. Only to have wasted our time. We worked our asses off learning to benefit the server and its players only to find the players let the server and us down. Over the past 5 years we calculated what it cost to keep this server running this long. The estimated total for running cost comes out to $20,700 over 5 years. This total does NOT include the some 2000 hours I/we put in to development, troubleshooting and research time (that comes out to an additional $120,000 [Professional Rate] and $40,000 [Residential Rate]). So we are left with two options. If the server picks up from the slump it is in we will remain running. Option two, if the server remains sluggish will will be closing down. We have settled on a deadline to close the server and that is one week before Krillin's Birthday. 7/20/2006. If the server should turn around, then we will remain running. :-/

Decision Standing Table





Above you will see the word STANDINGS.
If it is to the Left we will remain open, if it is centered we are undecided and if it is to the right we will be closing.
Closed 7/25/2006 Standings =

6/05/2006 Introduced Players to new map called he_icewrold2k6! Yeah, Krillin did it again. A new map was formed debugged and written in a crash course in Hammer 3.4 and 3.5 (beta) this past week. We have unleashed a new map to the world called HE_ICEWORLD2K6. I got the idea from learning what FY_ICEWORLD2K3 and HE_ICEWORLD entities did. I credit FY_ICEWORLD2K3 for the base on which I got my inspiration from to making the he_iceworld2k6 map. I learned a lot from fy_iceworld2k3 and he_iceworld map and formed he_iceworld2k3 construction map on and the name was formed from these combinations. HE_ICEWORLD2K6 is my final release 6/4/2006 10:31 EST hundred hours map name. I will continue to grow and perfect my skills in mapping with my construction map he_iceworld2k3 to toy with what I can do in a .rmf (raw map file) and test and play with.

5/25/2006 Krillin has been at it again! Two more plug-ins were added to the server. Anti-Silent Plant - this prevents the bomb from being silent planted any where for any map. The next plug-in installed requires some sounds and sprites but it is worth it (it is not the much more to download). This plug-in is called Advanced Roll the Dice. I think this one is self explanatory. This RTD plug-in has more FX then others we have tried. Not even a day with this feature installed and players are already commenting on how "cool" and "sweet" this plug-in is. I have to agree. How ever not all the rewards of this plug-in are active. These features do not work properly. There are more bad then good, so how lucky do you feel?

5/15/2006 {UPDATED} We made changes to the server operation, we decided to make some other very nice changes for players. Planting will be award 32 points then 32 points awarded to team T's who successfully bomb their target. Hhostage rescue is awarded the same way, 8 points per hostage rescued (32) then team CT's will be awarded 32 more points for safely rescuing hostages. Mercy XP is now 20 points. Players get two times the amount of XP awarded on your level for HEADSHOT KILLS. NOT JUST HEADSHOT AS ALL YOU MISINFORMED PLAYERS THINK! We are here to set the facts STRAIGHT!

5/1/2006 ATTENION ADMINS: The week of 5/1/2006 is test week for Admins. Admins who fail this test are being discharged for not following IN-GAME advisements as you've been advised since 3/20/2006 (over one full month). The chart in the CURRENT ADMIN PAGE indicates who is staying and who is going. Deadline for this test is Sunday, May 7th, 2006 @ 11:59PM. ** This deadline has now past ** If you do not know the answer to his question of if you were never asked the question cause you have not played the first week in May. Well you will have failed and you will be discharged (dishonorable) for not following these advisments. Failure on your part to heed these advisements indicates you are administering Krillin's World for the wrong reasons and you need to be dismissed and you will be replaced. You will not be given a second chance. You snooze, you loose!

Well, Krillin is on the move again. Krillin is a bit fed up with Microshaft Winblows and their Operating Systems as well as their host of server products. Microshaft products are nothing by a BUG FACTORY. Which is why Krillin has started the process of migrating our IIS / Web Server to Apache. The process is going to be long and enduring one. But the end results will still be the same.

On Friday Night March 25, 2006 the SuperHero Krillin has officially been completed. SH_KRILLIN now comes complete with a GOLDEN M4A1/COLT that does twice the normal damage of the stock M4A1/COLT, is moderately fast and has MEGA Health Regeneration! If you can not see the hero's weapon skin for the hero, chances are you may have the wrong model. Close out of counter-strike first. Then open your models folder in ..\..\steam\steamapps\%YOURACCOUNTNAME%\Counter-Strike\cstrike\models\shmod and delete krillin_m4a1.mdl. We are in the process of making a second model for 3rd-person viewing. So if you have krillin_v_m4a1.mdl and krillin_p_m4a1.mdl delete these files while you have the folder open. This krillin_m4a1.mdl file is just the foundation build. We hope you like the new look.

1/30/2006 On Monday morning on 1/30/2006 we finally got a Fedora Core 4 (AKA Red Hat Linux or FreeBSD) server running online and hosting another Krillin's World server. We were not keened on the idea of a regular Counter-Strike server. Was debating testing a different MOD for the server. Went on a hunt at amxmod-x's web site for something different and interesting. When behold, I see there is something called Diablo MOD. I installed it and got it running. But we discovered some structural problems with the way this MOD uses the layout of the CS/HL engine. Never the less, Diablo MOD is running on our Fedora Core 4 test server. We know what you are thinking. "But Krillin, why do you need another computer or server for that matter?" The answer... It is kind of complex answer but a simple explanation. Krillin was asked by his brother Dyes4 about setting up a "Roll Over" server when the main server gets full and to basically have a secondary server Krillin's World Jr.? But we are working out a lot of details at this time. Krillin has come with a reputation to never out source the server or its contents. But do not expect to much to become of this. We feel a few stoppers as to this being a reliable or even stable enough to put all this effort into. We would like to try to do this and set it in motion. But time will tell....

1/18/2006 What the %#$*?!?! Something didn't feel right. I sat down at the console to get a look at what was going on and what happened. Looked at the live server console and saw who was playing from 10:49AM back to about 8:11AM on 1/17/2006. I wanted more details. So I went to the logs directory and opened up the log for that time frame. The log was empty. OK, so I wanted to see what was going on with the admins so I look at their logs. The log file for the day of 1/17/2006 was empty. Went to look at all the log files up until 10:50AM on 1/17/2006 were all EMPTY. I thought maybe the latest plugin may have caused a problem. So I open up the file 'plugins.ini' for amxmod-x and tried to comment out the line. I do so and try to save the file when it reports that it can't save the file and the hard drive may be full?!?! Any files that were modified from this time frame have been lost and are unrecoverable. I am working on a way to run backups daily in Mandrake Linux to prevent data loss again. Keep in mind, our STEAM folder for our dedicated servers at a whopping 5.18 gigabytes in size. Nothing to shrug at. But I will get something figured out.

We've done it again! In the past week or so (8/23/2005) we have added 14 MORE CS maps to the server. Bringing the total number of map running to a number of 78! We've put a reference map database online for admins and players to reference what we run at the server. We will not tell you what the maps are you are just going to have to check them out for yourself.

8/12/2005 ATTENION PLAYERS: Ok SH MOD Players. Krillin has been at it again. More heroes have been added into our server. You can view our complete hero list here. The newest heroes added to the mix are BASS, MORPH, SUPERGIRL (FORMALLY SUPERMAN 2), STEEL, PSYLOCKE, STICK (FORMALLY ITHIUS), WAR MACHINE and GOTEN. Oh and almost forgot Chucky. These heroes are newly added this morning on 8/12/2005. We will see how they work out. Krillin assures lower level players some defense against those dominating upper level players. Good Luck!

Ok. Admins are going to love this tid-bit of news as it has been in the making practically all year. Krillin has been hard at work as he is most happy to finally say he has FINALLY put together the most down to earth, cut the tech crap give it to me in plain English Server Manual. Next on Krillin's Agenda is to get a more comprehensive admin manual, which is partly started, but needs to be more detailed. Still do not have enough content to compile a manual. As it stands it is only and insert or a leaflet.

Well, it is 7/26/2005, the eve of Krillin's 31st birthday and, as some of you know, back from a well needed get-a-way! Looking forward to our yearly tally of players at Krillin's World. Krillin is very impressed with the figures. 10,000 + players in less than a year was more than he could ever imagine. Player and Admins be aware. There are some serious changes about to flow, the steps have already been taken and followed though.

6/16/2005 ATTENTION SUPERHERO MOD PLAYERS:  SUPERHERO MOD LEVELS HAVE BEEN RESET as of 6/16/2005. THAT'S RIGHT! According to our calculations we are weeks OVERDUE for SuperHero MOD RESET. During the process More Heroes Will Be Added over time. Thanks to those few who e-mailed in requests.
[UPDATE] Added 9 More Heroes (Cannonball, Copter (troubleshooting), Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Phoenix, Quicksand, Thor, Wonder Woman and Yoda). We are working on adding a 10th one for Admins (Casper) and are currently in aid of getting Copter Ported over to AMXMOD-X V1.01 if the author is capable.

 NEWS FLASH: Our NEW Server IP for the time being will be:

ATTENTION PLAYERS: Services for the new home in regards to the server are currently established. We are going over to test the home and get a scope of how it needs to be set up. We will have an idea of what our IP address will be. The unofficial move is set for two weeks tomorrow 6/11, we are still waiting for confirmation. We will let you know when know.

3/31/2005 Attention Fellow Counter-Strike Players. We are at it again trying to develop a stable more reliable server for players. Within the next month we will be developing a new unit with a Flavor of Linux. We tested successfully under MandrakeLinux but  NOT under the Strict working demands with the current Server(s) we run under winNT hog. We are still testing the MandrakeLinux system, still gearing to get two required software packages running on the box. We are building a new home for the PC while we are it and may even build this around SuSE Linux Professional 9.2 or stick with what currently works, MandrakeLinux! We will be going from a P III 1GHZ to a P4 2.XGHz with 1.5 GB of PC3200 memory. Think we will be good to go this week of the 3/21/2005 (plans pushed back until god knows when, need a new motherboard to accommodate the CPU).
Update: FINALLY completed 6/10/2005, final cost (APROX.) $95 + $60 Memory, $136 CPU, $50 Case, 80GB HDD, CDRW. Total Cost $500 + build cost!

3/30/2005 UPDATE: UPGRADE WAS SUCCESSFUL as of March 30th, 2005 we are running MandrakeLinux 10.1 PowerPack on a P4 2.0c GHz 400MHz FSB w/ 512MC PC2100 DDR [UPGRADED] {not recomended}.

3/21/2005 ANNOUNCEMENT: Krillin's World has installed "Counter-Strike Source" Dedicated Server Content on our linux box and to our surprise we have given birth to Krillin's World CS Source Dedicated Server. ( 2nd best to to Counter-Strike 3/21/2005 ) You can get more info at

3/14/2005 UPDATE: Our servers have gone though the transformation from a Windows NT box to a MandrakeLinux Box as of the week of 3/14/2005. Test were successful and we are pleased with the performance we get with the Linux Box. But with a new system comes a whole new set of issues and headaches!

Regular players who fit the criteria will be awarded Privileged Admin Rights. Krillin chooses Admins at his desecration only. If you ASK him you never be considered to be an admin. The only clue you will be given is Krillin only picks players will positive attitudes who play frequently and are respectful to its Admins and Players. Who said playing at Krillin's World did not have its own rewards.

Simply the Best

K|W server(s) have been running since 1996 and have set the standards in most areas. As told by our players we never settle for anything less, we only expect "Simply the Best." We've been around long enough to know we raised the bar over the past TWO decades!